The colder the air, the less moisture it contains, which can mean dry eyes, causing the cells that produce tears to shut down to protect themselves from the irritation. Spectacles and sunglasses can help reduce the airflow and evaporation around the eyes.
Eat with your left hand at parties
Hands can carry illness-causing bacteria and bugs. Using a different hand to greet people and to eat reduces the chance of those bacteria being transferred to your mouth, making you ill.金沙网站手机版
Say no to hot toddy
Alcohol might make you feel warm at first because it causes warm blood to rush toward your skin, but you may end up feeling colder because this action can take blood away from the internal organs, causing body temperature to drop.
Walk round the shopping centre
Winter weather really can trigger joint pain. As well as wearing warm clothing, experts recommend heat packs or warm baths and keeping active (40 minutes each day) to keep the joints mobile, and if the weather is not too bad, go for a walk outside, or if it's inclement, a stroll around a shopping centre.